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Carmelo Playa Seré

Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 37 people

Hotel with 17 rooms in the city of Carmel. With access for people in wheelchairs.
The building is l...

Accommodation options:
  • Carmelo Playa Seré - Apartamento
  • Carmelo Playa Seré - Hab. Doble Matrimonial
  • Carmelo Playa Seré - Hab. Doble Twin
  • Carmelo Playa Seré - Hab. Matrimonial al Río

del Navegante

Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 28 people

Inn with rooms in Playa Seré of Carmelo City.
The site, located on the way to the river, offers vis...

Accommodation options:
  • del Navegante - Hab. Cuádruple
  • del Navegante - Hab. Doble
  • del Navegante - Hab. Doble Sup.
  • del Navegante - Hab. Quintuple
  • del Navegante - Hab. Triple

Casino Carmelo

Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 200 people

Historic hotel with 85 rooms in the city of Carmelo.
The building dates from the 40s, and has prese...

Accommodation options:
  • Casino Carmelo - Apartamento
  • Casino Carmelo - Hab. Cuádruple
  • Casino Carmelo - Hab. Doble Twin Estándar
  • Casino Carmelo - Hab. Matrimonial Estándar
  • Casino Carmelo - Hab. Matrimonial Junior
  • Casino Carmelo - Hab. Matrimonial Superior

Urbano Carmelo

Until 45 people

The hotel is located in Carmelo downtown. It has laundry service, concierge, bar and 24 hour coffee...

Accommodation options:
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Cuádruple
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Triple
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Triple Deluxe


Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 17 people

Complex located within walking distance of the beach I will be the city of Carmel.
Warm and welcomi...

Accommodation options:
  • Mykonos - Apto. El Leñero
  • Mykonos - Apto. Las Aves
  • Mykonos - Apto. Los Rosales
  • Mykonos - Galería

Boutique Los Muelles

Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 26 people

Hotel in the town of Carmel, across the Arroyo de las Vacas and a few meters from the port. Twelve t...


Carmelo Resort & Spa A Hyatt H...

Until 100 people

Luxury resort with 20 bungalows and 24 suites on two levels, located in the middle of a pine forest...

Accommodation options:
  • Carmelo Resort & Spa A Hyatt Hotel - Bungalow al Río
  • Carmelo Resort & Spa A Hyatt Hotel - Suite de Dos Niveles