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Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 17 people

Complex located within walking distance of the beach I will be the city of Carmel.
Warm and welcomi...

Accommodation options:
  • Mykonos - Apto. El Leñero
  • Mykonos - Apto. Las Aves
  • Mykonos - Apto. Los Rosales
  • Mykonos - Galería

Barbot 132 Bis

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 2 people

Comfortable apt studio in the Colonia Old Town
in the center of the city and the historic district....


Las Moras

Colonia Beach resorts - Santa Ana
Until 5 people

Cómoda casa para 5 personas en Santa Ana, ideal para disfrutar la paz.
Lugar magico, a 20minutos de...


del Navegante

Carmelo - Seré beach
Until 28 people

Inn with rooms in Playa Seré of Carmelo City.
The site, located on the way to the river, offers vis...

Accommodation options:
  • del Navegante - Hab. Cuádruple
  • del Navegante - Hab. Doble
  • del Navegante - Hab. Doble Sup.
  • del Navegante - Hab. Quintuple
  • del Navegante - Hab. Triple

Club Náutico Concordia

Colonia Beach resorts
Until 600 people

Camping in Concordia Yacht Club Villa La Paz, on the banks of the Rio Rosario, with an area of 150 t...


Plaza Mayor

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 34 people

Hotel with 17 rooms in the Barrio Histórico of the city of Colonia del Sacramento.
Emerging from th...

Accommodation options:
  • Plaza Mayor - Hab. Doble Twin Interna
  • Plaza Mayor - Hab. Matrimonial Externa
  • Plaza Mayor - Hab. Matrimonial Interna
  • Plaza Mayor - Hab. Matrimonial Superior
  • Plaza Mayor - Rancho Portugués Mayor
  • Plaza Mayor - Semisuite Matrimonial Colonia
  • Plaza Mayor - Suite Colonial


Nueva Helvecia
Until 120 people

Iconic hotel with 49 rooms in the city in Nueva Helvecia.
70 years of intense process has made thi...

Accommodation options:
  • Nirvana - Apartamento Estándar
  • Nirvana - Apartamento Superior
  • Nirvana - Hab. Doble Matrimonial Estándar
  • Nirvana - Hab. Doble Matrimonial Superior
  • Nirvana - Hab. Doble Twin Estándar
  • Nirvana - Hab. Doble Twin Superior
  • Nirvana - Hab. Junior Suite


Until 70 people

Hotel with 25 rooms in the city of Rosario, located 50 kilometers from Colonia del Sacramento and ne...

Accommodation options:
  • Rosario - Habitación Doble Twin
  • Rosario - Habitación Matrimonial
  • Rosario - Habitación Triple Matrimonial
  • Rosario - Habitación Triple Twin

Nuevo Hotel Ciudadela

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 58 people

Hotel located in a strategic point of the city of Colonia del Sacramento: At 200 meters from the His...

Accommodation options:
  • Nuevo Hotel  Ciudadela - Hab. Doble Matrimonial
  • Nuevo Hotel Ciudadela - Doble Twin
  • Nuevo Hotel Ciudadela - Hab. Cuádruple
  • Nuevo Hotel Ciudadela - Hab. Triple Matrimonial
  • Nuevo Hotel Ciudadela - Hab. Triple Twin

El Viajero

Until 42 people

Hostel in Colonia del Sacramento, with mixed dormitories for 4, 6 and 8 people, female for 4 persons...

Accommodation options:
  • El Viajero - Hab. Cuádruple (compartida)
  • El Viajero - Hab. Doble Twin
  • El Viajero - Hab. Matrimonial
  • El Viajero - Hab. Óctuple (compartida)

de la Flor

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 34 people

Posada in the city of Colonia del Sacramento, located a few meters from the river. At the front, cob...

Accommodation options:
  • de la Flor - Cuadruple
  • de la Flor - Doble Twin
  • de la Flor - Matrimonial Estandar
  • de la Flor - Matrimonial Superior

Urbano Carmelo

Until 45 people

The hotel is located in Carmelo downtown. It has laundry service, concierge, bar and 24 hour coffee...

Accommodation options:
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Cuádruple
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Triple
  • Urbano Carmelo - Hab. Triple Deluxe

Las Martinas

Colonia - Rural Colonia
Until 40 people

Estancia tourism in Riachuelo with 30 thousand square meters of park, large swimming pool, two socce...

Accommodation options:
  • Las Martinas - Cabaña Cuádruple
  • Las Martinas - Cabaña Doble
  • Las Martinas - Cabaña Triple

Del Rio

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 40 people

Accommodation in Colonia del Sacramento where breakfast watching the river..

Accommodation options:
  • Del Rio - Hab. Cuadruple
  • Del Rio - Hab. Doble Twin
  • Del Rio - Hab. Matrimonial
  • Del Rio - Hab. Triple

Enrique Davyt

Colonia Beach resorts - Blancarena
Until 800 people

Camping with 200 pitches and camping areas with and without pets. Volleyball, soccer, playground, di...


El Español

Until 70 people

Hostel in Colonia del Sacramento, with rooms
Mixed shared and private bedrooms.

Accommodation options:
  • El Español - Hab. Cuadruple Compartida
  • El Español - Hab. Doble Matrimonial
  • El Español - Hab. Doble Superior
  • El Español - Hab. Octuple Twing Compartida
  • El Español - Hab. Séxtuple Matrimonial Comp
  • El Español - Hab. Séxtuple Twin Compartida
  • El Español - Hab. Triple Superior

Sol Colonia

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 43 people

Three star hotel in the commercial center of Cologne.
Located close to the beach, easily accessible...

Accommodation options:
  • Sol Colonia - Hab. Cuadruple
  • Sol Colonia - Hab. Doble Matrimonial
  • Sol Colonia - Hab. Doble Twin
  • Sol Colonia - Hab. Triple.

Mi Pueblo

Nueva Palmira
Until 26 people

Hotel with 12 rooms in the city of Nueva Palmira.
The site is strategically located on the promenad...

Accommodation options:
  • Mi Pueblo - Hab. Doble Matrimonial al Río
  • Mi Pueblo - Hab. Doble Matrimonial Interna
  • Mi Pueblo - Hab. Doble Twin al Río


Until 70 people

Hostel in Colonia del Sacramento, with rooms
mixed with 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 people, and
private rooms...

Accommodation options:
  • Colonial - Hab. Doble
  • Colonial - Hab. Octuple (compartida)
  • Colonial - Hab. Sixtuple (compartida)
  • Colonial - Hab. Triple

del Ángel

Colonia - Colonia del Sacramento
Until 28 people

Inn with 12 rooms in Colonia del Sacramento. Located four blocks from the port and a block away from...

Accommodation options:
  • del Ángel - Hab. Matrimonial a la Calle
  • del Ángel - Hab. Matrimonial Estándar
  • del Ángel - Hab. Matrimonial Interna
  • del Ángel - Hab. Matrimonial Superior