Colonia Valdense, Colonia

Founded in 1858 by Waldensian immigrants from Piemonte (northern Italy) who survived the religious persecutions motivated by the reform of the church promoted by Pedro Valdo from the twelfth century, Colonia Valdense has its own identity features. The celebration of gratitude in March, the Valdense Fraternity Day in August and the Festival of the National Cheese Tasting in November, constitute three ideal times of the year to decide to discover it. In addition to enjoying its quiet life and its landscapes, be sure to know the following attractions of great historical and heritage value.

Touring the city, there is the Plaza de la Libertad, the School Park, the School No. 26, the Valdense Athletic Club, the fifth house that belonged to the secretary of President Williman, Emilio Barbouroux, the Sports Square, the First Rural Lyceum of the Country, founded in 1888, by Pastor Daniel Armand Ugón and the Archivo Valdense Library.