Nueva Helvecia, Colonia

To the east of the Department of Cologne, the city of Nueva Helvecia has its most distinctive feature in its Swiss origin. In 1862 a group of European immigrants, mostly Swiss, but also Germans, Italians and French, founded this colony that today is also known as "Swiss Colony".

Over the years, the inhabitants of the city have kept alive a culture that preserves the most typical features of its origin and that translates into the celebration of traditions and the gastronomic art that it develops.

Nueva Helvecia was the first tourist area in the country, with the founding of the Hotel Suizo in 1872. In addition, the area is the center of important industries, most of them dedicated to dairy production.

Among its tourist attractions, the Plaza de los Fundadores stands out, with its colorful Flower Clock; the City Portal; Regional Archive Museum; the José Pedro Varela Municipal Park; the Ose Tank, with its peculiar architecture; and the Schöenstatt Shrine.

In addition, the visitor can enter an artisanal cheese factory and learn about the production of artisanal cheeses, products that are closely linked to the history and culture of this area. With a unique charm, Nueva Helvecia seduces the visitor through its history, its culture, its typical cuisine and a natural environment full of magic and beauty.