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El Muelle Viejo de Colonia



On the bank of the Rio de la Plata, and as river access to the Historic District, this charming little dock is also known as "Puerto Viejo" or "Marina". In it, you can moor yachts over hundred thirty that contribute largely to enhance the beauty of the landscape.
At dusk, the place offers one of the most spectacular scenery of the city while the sun sets on the horizon, simultaneously begin to ignite the lamps strategically placed on the wood. These luminaires warm with their shyness and enhance the beauty of the flowers that adorn the space.
Spending time there, it is a perfect blend of the magnificent presence of the past and present undeniable influence. The site allows visitors to enjoy the deeply pleasant atmosphere either standing or sitting in one of their banks.
It is a journey that can not be forgotten within the circuit of Colonia del Sacramento. It is especially advisable to go there at the time of sunset, but both day and night, is a wonderful space to contemplate the beauty of the landscape.

By Portales del Uruguay | Valeria Willebald


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